Indie singer-songwriter Aaron J. Shay is a Pacific Northwest native living in Seattle. With an earnest and charismatic style of performance, Shay blends his songs with storytelling, instigating upbeat sing-alongs that leave audiences delighted and inspired.

A writer turned musician, Shay integrates narrative into his songs and his onstage persona. He is a storyteller at heart, and engages audiences with tales both real and imagined, exploring apocalyptic wastelands, cyberpunk cities, as well as real-life locations all around Puget Sound.

Shay has been developing his particular brand of narrative music-telling since 2015, singing songs that tell stories about faraway and unreal worlds, which bear some resemblances to our own. This culminated in the debut of a one-man sci-fi adventure show, Apocalypse Songs, a concept-concert about a inter-dimensional poet-scientist only known as Captain Redacted. An album for this project was released in January of 2019.

A graduate of Western Washington University’s drama program, Shay is also intermittently active in Seattle’s theater community, bringing his narrative musical style to drama as a band leader and music director. He currently lives in Ballard with his girlfriend and their dog, Bruno.



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