• APOCALYPSE SONGS (Self-published, 2019): A collection of short stories and lyrics themed on armageddon, speculative fiction, and revolution. Paired with a live storytelling-concert detailing theĀ  exploits of an inter-dimensional explorer known only as Captain Redacted, a scientist/poet from some alternate future.
  • THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE WORLD (Self-published, 2014): A short story about a road trip to the End of the World, told in five parts, each part written on a post card featuring a unique illustration by Juan Santapau of The Secret Knots.
  • UNCHARTED CITIES OF THE WORLD (Self-published, 2012): A chapbook of five short stories, exploring some cities that might exist in our collective unconscious, or maybe you can find them just a little further down the highway and to the left. Illustrated by Juan Santapau.