Previous Performances

Here, let us remember the performances of bygone days. Unless otherwise noted, all following concerts took place in Seattle, WA.

8/17/2018 – Coming To Shore: A Burlesque Benefit for ASAP and KIND at Re-Bar
8/2/2018 – Performance courtesy of King County Library System in North Bend, WA
7/31/18-8/15/18 – ROVERS! The Musical at Annex Theater
7/8/2018 – Private performance of “Apocalypse Songs: A One-Man Sci-fi Folk Music Storytelling Adventure” in Medina, WA
7/1/2018 – Acoustic Sundays presents Aaron J. Shay at J&M Cafe
6/28/2018 – Marymoor Park Outdoor Cinema presents: The Goonies in Redmond, WA
6/23/2018 – Fairhaven Outdoor Cinema presents: The Goonies in Bellingham, WA
6/3/2018 – at the 2nd Annual Upstream Music Festival
5/23/2018 – Private event at Seattle Center
5/19/2018 – Pickpocket & Shay with Dogwood & Johnstone at Lucky Liquor in Tukwila, WA
4/21/2018 – Spring Artist Showcase at Jack Straw Cultural Center, featuring Beth Fleenor, Gin Hammond and Neil Welch
4/20/2018 – with Sound & Shadow Puppetry at The Pocket Theater
4/18/2018 – Ballard Night Out Benefit at Substation with e. ravenscraft and Left Turn On Blue
4/1/2018 – with The Creaking Planks at WISE Lounge in Vancouver, BC
3/23/2018 – 3/25/2018 – Clockwork Alchemy in Burlingame, CA
3/18/2018 – The Rogue Balladeers at The Range in Slab City, CA
3/16/2018 – The Rogue Balladeers St. Paddy’s Day at King & King Ranch in Fillmore, CA
3/12/2018 – “Beers About Songs” by Ryan Adam Wells, with special guests Aaron J. Shay, Sarah Shay, and Strangely at Three Clubs in Los Angeles, CA
3/10/2018 – The Rogue Hangover Show at the Rogue Festival in Fresno, CA
3/9/2018 – Shtrangely & Shay’s Shpectacular Ship Show 3: In Shpace! at the Rogue Festival in Fresno, CA
3/4/2018 – with Corwin Bolt and the Wingnuts and Banjo Youngblood at the Eugene Instrument Library in Eugene, OR
3/3/2018 – House concert with Lady Stane and Ky Burt in Portland, OR
3/2/2018 – House concert with Anna Gordon and Forest Beutel in Olympia, WA
2/18/2018 – The House Show Handbook Release Party at Ink Knife Press
2/9/2018 – performing with The Pickpocket Revue at Conor Byrne Pub
1/27/2018 – Private event
1/26/2018 – Family Folk Time with Sarah Shay & Scott Erickson at Outsider Comics & Geek Boutique
1/21/2018 – Bushwick Book Club Presents: The PrEP Diaries at Velocity Dance Studios
1/12 through 1/13/2018 – The 21st Annual 14/48: The World’s Fastest Theater Festival at the ACT Theater
12/31/2017 – Minion Productions Variety Show at the Rialto Theater, Tacoma First Night Festival, Tacoma, WA
12/16/2017 – The 6th Annual Bubbe’s Old-Fashioned Hanukkah Shindig at Columbia City Theater
12/15/2017 – Private event
12/9/2017 – Strangely’s 30th Birthday at Honey Moon in Bellingham, WA
12/8/2017 – Panel Jumper Live V at West Of Lenin Theater
12/3/2017 – Doorway Project’s Pop-Up Cafe
11/30/2017 – Astounding Comics: Benefit for the Bureau of Fearless Ideas at the Shanghai Room
11/3/2017 – with Courtnee Fallon Rex and Dogwood & Johnstone at Jewel Box Theater
10/27 & 10/28 – Hell Harvest of Comedy 2 at Slate Theater
10/21/2017 – with Dogwood & Johnstone at SoulFood Coffee House in Redmond, WA
10/5/2017 – Bellow Wing’s Kickstarter Celebration/Album Release at Honey Moon in Bellingham, WA
9/5/2017 – House show with Cindy Emch and Sarah Shay
8/13/2017 – opening at for Hello Earth Productions presents “Outdoor Trek: The Day of the Dove” at Blanche Lavizzo Park
7/20 through 8/6/2017 – “Sundown At The Devil’s House: A Musical Play” with the Saint Judas Stringband at Cafe Nordo
6/24/2017 – Shoreline Arts Fair in Shoreline, WA
6/23/2017 – at Kelly’s Mercantile in Enumclaw, WA
6/16/2017 – with Lindsey White and David Johnson at The Beery House
5/29/2017 – The Pickpocket Revue for NW Folklife at Seattle Center
5/27/2017 – The Pickpocket Revue for Punk As Folk 2017 at Conor Byrne Pub
4/15/2017 – with Nathaniel Johnstone Band at Norwescon 40 in Seatac, WA
4/8/2017 – at Kelly’s Mercantile in Enumclaw, WA
4/1/2017 – with Strangely, Pepper Proud, and Sara Goode at Honey Moon in Bellingham, WA
3/31/2017 – Shtrangely & Shay’s Shpectacular Ship Show in Sheattle at The Pocket Theater
3/25/2017 – with Strangely, Jet Black Pearl, and Oddjob Ensemble at Atlas Coffee in Santa Rosa, CA
3/24/2017 – House show with Strangely in San Francisco, CA
3/18/2017 – House show with Strangely and Eva Mikhailovna in Riverside, CA
3/17/2017 – with Strangely at King & King Ranch in Fillmore, CA
3/16/2017 – with Strangely at Topa Topa Brewery in Ventura, CA
3/15/2017 – with Strangely at Ocean Beach farmer’s market in San Diego, CA
3/2/2017-3/11/2017 – “Discrete Packets of Song” at Rogue Festival in Fresno, CA
2/16/2017 & 2/23/2017 – “Discrete Packets of Song” at 18th & Union
2/5/2017 – Weird & Awesome with Emmett Montgomery at the Annex Theater
1/13/2017 – House show with Strangely and Scott Erickson in Olympia, WA
1/12/2017 – with Strangely and The Pickpocket Revue at Cafe Racer
1/5/2017 – with Pete Irving (of Hot Damn Scandal) at Cellar Door in Port Townsend, WA
12/31/16 – The Minion Cabaret at the Rialto Theater for the First Night Festival in Tacoma, WA
12/9/16 – Totally Flocked at the Annex Theater
12/8/16 – Strangely’s Birthday Party at Honey Moon in Bellingham, WA
12/3/16 – Fighting Chance Seattle 5-Year Anniversary Party, with Strangely
11/6/16 – Weird & Awesome with Emmett Montgomery: Song & Story edition
11/6/16 – Private party
10/21/16 – Paranormal Activity: A Variety Show at The Pocket Theater
9/29/16 – House show with Tim McNary and Jeff Lawson
9/28/16 – Aaron’s 30th Birthday Extravaganza at Ink Knife Press, with Strangely, On A Clear Day, Dogwood, Mongrel Annie, Sarah Shay, Seven Stars Panda, Pete Irving, James Sutter, Mish Kochac, Helen America, John Coons, Tekla Waterfield, and The Pickpocket Revue
9/24/16 – at Kelly’s Mercantile in Enumclaw, WA
9/24/16 – Buskers In The Burg in Ellensburg, WA
8/27/16 – Seattle Acoustic Festival at All Pilgrim’s Church
7/30/16 – Opening for Fairhaven Outdoor Cinema presents: “Labyrinth” in Bellingham, WA
7/3/16 – Weird & Awesome with Emmett Montgomery at the Annex Theater
6/23 -6/29/16 – Cafe Nordo presents: “Sundown At The Devil’s House” by Eddie DeHais (featuring Aaron J. Shay as the musical director and lead musician)
6/21/16 – Make Music Day in Seattle
6/10/16 – Once Festival, presented by Jason Webley on Camano Island
4/15/16 – The Famous Haydell Sisters Variety Show at the Jack London Bar in Portland, OR
4/9/16 – with Bellow Wing, Strangely and Grassblue at Honey Moon in Bellingham, WA
4/8/16 – with Bellow Wing and Anna Gordon at Square One (house concert) in Olympia, WA
4/7/16 – with Bellow Wing, Racoon Venom and The Ragshakers (house concert) in Portland, OR
3/12/16 – “Shtrangely & Shay’s Shpectaular Ship Show” at the Rogue Festival in Fresno, CA
3/3 – 3/12/16 – “Apocalypse Songs” at the Rogue Festival in Fresno, CA
2/27/16 – House show with Strangely and Dan Abbott in Oakland, CA
1/29/16 – with Duck Duck Scissors improv at The Pocket Theater
1/11/16 – The Magic Hat Variety Show with Emmett Montgomery and guests at the Rendezvous Grotto
1/2/16 – with C. R. Avery and Rani Weatherby at the Jewel Box Rendezvous
12/31/15 – “Apocalypse Songs” at Tacoma First Night
12/19/15 – with Anna Tivel and Tobias The Owl at The Beery House
12/12/15 –  “A Necessary Sadness” at The Pocket Theater with Danielle Gregoire, Emmett Montgomery and more
11/6/15 – Variety Burlesque presents “The Doll House” at The Second Story Hideaway with Mongrel Annie in Redmond, WA
10/18/15 – with Bellow Wing at a house concert in Portland, OR
10/17/15 – with Bellow Wing at a house concert in Tacoma, WA
10/16/15 – with Bellow Wing and Cardboard Caravan at The Boreal in Eugene, OR
10/15/15 – with Bellow Wing at Oberon’s Tavern in Ashland, OR
10/11/15 – with Bellow Wing at Cafe Zippy in Everett, WA
10/10/15 – with Bellow Wing and Bryan Jones at a house concert in Seattle, WA
10/9/15 – with Bellow Wing at Honey Moon in Bellingham, WA
10/8/15 – with Bellow Wing at The Conway Muse in Conway, WA
10/4/15 – Weird & Awesome With Emmett Montgomery at The Annex Theater
10/2/15 – APOCALYPSE SONGS: A One-Man Sci-Fi Fok Music Storytelling Adventure at The Pocket Theater
9/26/15 – First Annual Broken Strings Music Fest in Sacramento, CA
9/23/15 – with Fera and Bran Crown at a house concert in Chico, CA
8/21/15 – The Bushwick Book Club presents: “Blue Sweden for Nowruz” at The Swedish Club
8/8/15 – The Subdued Stringband Jamboree as a guest with Strangely in Deming, WA
8/1/15 – Strangely & Shay, opening for Outdoor Trek’s “Amok Time” at Dr. Blanche S. Lavizzo Park
7/25/15 – with Specific Northwest sketch comedy at The Pocket Theater
7/25/15 – at High Voltage Music’s Summer In-Store Block Party
7/10/15 through 7/12/15 – Oregon Country Fair as a guest in Strangely’s “Roaring Accordion” in Veneta, OR
7/3/15 – with Whattabout improv at The Pocket Theater
6/25/15 – with Strangely, Crooked Neighbors, The Copacetics, Bellow.Wing and Faith Grossnicklaus at Boundary Bay Brewery in Bellingham, WA
5/1/15 – with Specific Northwest sketch comedy at The Pocket Theater
4/19/15 – with Strangely & Friends at a house concert in Seattle, WA
4/1/15 – Festival Poetics at the Majestic Theater in Corvallis, OR
3/27/15 – “Project Pillow Project” at The Pocket Theater
3/6/15 – with John Coons at a house conert in Eugene, OR
3/5/15 – with An American Forrest at Axe & Fiddle in Cottage Grove, OR
3/4/15 – with Homunculust and Mooney the Micher at The Blue House (living room show) in Portland, OR
2/15/15 – The Pocket Theater’s Podcast Live Recording
2/14/15 – The Bushwick Book Club of Seattle presents “Brokeback Mountain” by Annie Proulx at the Stone Way Cafe
2/1/15 – with Dogwood & The Friendship Orchestra at a house concert in Seattle, WA
1/24/15 – House concert fundraiser in Seattle, WA
1/30/15 – with Tabitha Antoinette, Valley Vibes, and Somebody & The Nobodies at Pickle Time in Duvall, WA
12/3/14 – Comedy Womb presents “The Interview Show” at the Rendezvous Grotto
11/24/14 – Strangely & Shay house show with Holly Munoz and Scott Erickson in Olympia, WA
11/22/14 – Strangely & Shay at Honey Moon in Bellingham, WA
11/20/14 – Strangely & Shay’s CD Release with The Mongrel Jews and Nick Drummond, featuring Elephant Gazebo, Dogwood, and Oliver Franklin at Conor Byrne Pub
11/17/14 – Comedy Womb presents “The Magic Hat #19 with Emmett Montgomery & Friends” at the Rendezvous Grotto
11/13/14 – Strangely & Shay with Oliver Franklin and Guy&Doll at Mississippi Pizza in Portland, OR
11/8/14 – Strangely & Shay at Hresso in Reykjavik, Iceland
11/7/14 – Strangely & Shay at Stúdentakjallarinn in Reykjavik, Iceland
11/7/14 – Strangely & Shay at Cafe Haiti in Reykjavik, Iceland
11/5/14 – Strangely & Shay at Lucky Records in Reykjavik, Iceland
10/31/14 – Strangely & Shay’s Halloween Show at Circus Helsinki in Helsinki, Finland
10/10/14 – with Mongrel Annie, Elephant Gazebo, and Sarah Bellum Dance at Tim’s tavern
9/28/14 – 321 Big Time: Mai Li’s 6th Annual Birthday Show at Columbia City Theater
9/28/14 – featured street performer at Buskers in the Burg in Ellensburg, WA
9/27/14 – Life, The Universe, and Pasties: “A Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy” Burlesque at Re-Bar
5/18/14 – Tai Shan’s release concert for Living Fiction at the Tractor Tavern
2/9/14 – Songs From Abroad EP Release at the Sunset Tavern with Autumn Electric, Redrick Sultan and Burley Mountain
1/15/14 – “Family Affair” with Jennifer Jasper at the Jewel Box Theater at the Rendezvous
12/14/13 – Bushwick Book Club of Seattle presents David Byrne’s “How Music Works” at Columbia City Theater
12/12/13 – Strangely’s Epic Birthday Show/Live Album Recordion at the Green Frog Acoustic Tavern in Bellingham, WA
11/7/13 – Oliver Franklin’s Birthday Bonanza at the Can Can, with The Senate & Strangely
9/27/13 – Private party at the Diocesan House of Seattle
9/25/13 – Bushwick Book Club of Seattle presents “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury at the Des Moines Library in Des Moines, WA
9/14/13 – Private party in Bellevue, WA
8/29/13 – Kentucky Flight Control’s cabaret at Burning Man in Black Rock City, NV
8/9/13 – The Great Idea Festival at Enchanted Forest Theme Park in Turner, OR
6/27/13 – with Oliver Franklin, Dogwood, Karen Kunkel and Impossible Bird at Cafe Racer
6/2/13 – Weird & Awesome With Emmett Montgommery at the Annex Theater
5/12/13 – with Little Barefoot and Allie Coy at the Jewel Box Theater
5/5/13 – Weird & Awesome With Emmett Montgommery at the Annex Theater
4/11/13 – Morgue Anne’s Birthday Boylesque Spectacular at Re-Bar
4/9/13 – with Mark Growden and Luz Gaxiola at Egan’s Ballard Jam House
3/1/13 – Bushwick Book Club of Seattle presents “Sandman” by Neil Gaiman at Emerald City ComiCon, Washington State Convention Center
3/2/13 – Bushwick Book Club of Seattle and Emerald City ComiCon present “Sandman” by Neil Gaiman at The Crocodile
2/28/13 – Vortex Magazine Variety Show at Re-Bar
2/15/13 – with Mark Growden at Egan’s Ballard Jam House
1/10/13 – with Oliver Franklin and Apis Malifera at Cafe Racer
12/23/12 – Geek Out: A Celebration Of Sci-Fi, New Media, And The Graphic Novel at the Erickson Theater
12/17/12 – Starving Artists On Parade at Noc Noc
11/18/12 – with Corpus Callosum and Oliver Franklin at Fortress Callosum in San Francisco, CA
11/17/12 – Private party with Oliver Franklin at The Vulcan in Oakland, CA
11/14/12 –  with Oliver Franklin at a house concert in Mariposa, CA
11/13/12 – with Oliver Franklin at the Hideout Saloon in Mariposa, CA
11/11/12 – with Oliver Franklin, Luna Sunday at the Arcade Theater in Cottage Grove, OR
11/10/12 – with Oliver Franklin, Malachi Graham at the Red & Black Cafe in Portland, OR
11/8/12 – with Oliver Franklin, Dogwood at Cafe Racer
10/1/12 – with Strangely, Sean Clavere, On A Clear Day at the Jewelbox Theater
9/28/12 – Bushwick Book Club of Seattle presents “1984” by George Orwell at Columbia City Theater
9/7/12 – SH’BANG festival in Bellingham, WA
7/12/12 – Across The River Arts Presents: Extraordinary In The Every Day at the Fremont Arts Abbey
6/22/12 – with Ian McFeron and Oliver Franklin at the Fremont Arts Abbey
6/3/12 – with Painted Saints and On A Clear Day at the Can Can Cabaret
5/4/12 – with Oliver Franklin at Caffe Allegro
4/4/12 – with Caravan of Thieves at Fremont Arts Abbey
3/29/12 – Bushwick Book Club of Seattle presents “Watchmen” by Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons at Chop Suey
3/23/12 – with Christopher Greenchild at The Beery House
1/10/12 – with Seven Stars Panda and Oliver Franklin at the Jewel Box
11/8/11 – Bushwick Book Club presents “The Sparrow” by Mary Doria Russel at Fremont Abbey
8/20/11 – Bushwick Book Club presents “The Outsiders” by S. E. Hinton at Conor Byrne Pub
6/4/11 – (as Man With Hat) with Zoe Boekbinder and Cumulus at The Beery House